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Is the usage of mailbox visible if I use my own registered domain?

3633577 shared this question 17 months ago
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Hello, I have a tech question regarding the visibility of my usage of Mailbox as my email provider, if I would use my own domain.

If I send an email from Mailbox with my registered domain me@mydomain.com to someone, can he find out I am sending it from Mailbox? Or if he is sending the email to me, can he find out he is sending it to Mailbox?


To explain the issue. There is that thing named Place of Effective Management. My point is, that I just learned that if a company, which is consulting clients in various countries, physically and also remotely, uses an email provider placed in a certain country, or stores its files, it can play a role in decision where to pay the taxes. The infrastructure is sitting in Germany, and so they take it as if the business is partially managed from Germany. It is truly a wtf and sounds stupid, because servers don't manage anything. But I need to be sure that I don't get into trouble.

This is not to evade taxes to be clear, but to prepare taxes for another countries means another accountant and tax advisors and it is time and cost consuming, complicated and prone to mistakes.

Thank you for your answers.

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Yes, one can see that you are using mailbox.

If you are sending emails, the recipient can inspect the header and will find out that you used a server such as smtp1.mailbox.org to send the email.

If you are only receiving emails, the client can still lookup the DNS records of your domain such as mxext1.mailbox.org. Public MX records are required for proper delivery, so there is no point in deleting them.