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Linking existing mailbox subscribed accounts into a Family Account

4069648 shared this question 2 years ago
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Can you link 2 existing mailbox accounts with separate subscriptions so that can share calendars with read/write access?

I can see the Family Account access allows this but it seems like you would have to upgrade one account and recreate the second account under the Family Accounts therefore losing original configuration and control.

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I am afraid due to technical limitation of mailbox implementation this is not possible.

The only way is to add a new random email alias in one of the accounts and make it default, delete the alias you want to use, in the other account create a new 'family' account with this alias (https://userforum-en.mailbox.org/knowledge-base/article/family-accounts-set-up),

link the old one (IMAP) and move all your email in to this 'new' account with original email alias.

Please note that while the information provided by mailbox would suggest that you can remove or separate the accounts later (If you want to leave a group and no longer share your data with other accounts, please pay attention to the FAQ to understand the consequences of this, back up all your data, and then contact our technical support at support@mailbox.org to arrange the removal of your account from the group.) it is actually wrong and not possible due to technical limitation of mailbox implementation of OX.