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Logging in only to be asked to log out

1740696 shared this problem 14 months ago

This is a usability problem that I have found to be rather annoying.

If I have a tab open with mailbox.org, logged in on my email. And I for some reason open a new tab, go to mailbox.org, login, then I get asked to log out and login again due to an authentication error.

The error message reads:


There was an issue while authenticating. It may be due to a recent password change. To continue please log out and log back in again with your most recent password. "

I don't think this error message is applicable in the above scenario. This sounds like a session control thing. Nevertheless, this error happens to me a few times a month due to several tabs open in the browser at the same time.

I hope you can find a way so that I don't have to login twice.