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Mailbox very slow loading emails

4111475 shared this problem 18 months ago

Hello, in the last month my mailbox has got very slow in loading emails. On my mac I often use IMAP connection on my mail app and I seem to get the emails without any delay, but the web mailbox is incredibly slow in showing the emails on all the other devices I use.

Very often the webpage shows the loading symbol for minutes and often that ends up with a generic loading error, which forces me to refresh multiple times and wait until I can visualise the emails. What can be causing this issue?


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could be a 1/2 dozen things, it is a little laggy even on broadband, but shouldn't be that slow,

what is your system and connection speed, browser, etc ?


Thank you for your answer. The connection shouldn't be the cause of the issue, it happens at home with my 24Mbps connection as well as at work with a 100Mbps connection.

I'm using safari on Mac OS 10.13, but it happens on firefox as well. At work I've been using safari on Mac OS 10.11. The computer is a top spec touch bar MacBook Pro.


and you have all the default setup for the mail /website? no mbox guard, no encryptions ?

btw, I'm just a new mbox.org user ... not an expert