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Migrate from Namecheap email to mailbox.org with own domain

112545 shared this question 2 years ago
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Sorry for my bad english :(

First i add my email account (from namecheap service) from the left email panel. Move all the mail to the mailbox.org folders and now i got all my mail to the new mailbox account.

next i go to alias setup and add my namecheapalias@mydomain.net to add external address and have tipical dns error with the domain and key.

Now i create a new TXT record (info from https://userforum-en.mailbox.org/knowledge-base/article/e-mail-addresses-of-your-own-domain) to namecheap domain panels (https://www.namecheap.com/support/knowledgebase/article.aspx/317/2237/how-do-i-add-txtspfdkimdmarc-records-for-my-domain) add my information for host: 2fdg4434g4XXX...mydomain.net and value: 12df44tg54g3XXXXX...

After 2 days i continue to have the Error: Validation of external domain failed

How i can migrate?


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Hi, after few days its finally work but with diferent setup.

1º Create a TXT record with 2fdg4434g4XXX... for host and 12df44tg54g3XXXXX... for value. I take out mydomain.net at the end of the key and is work.

2º For MX Record, @ for the host and mxext... for the value

Is this correct?

Why the tutorial say add key with domain.com and is dont work but without it is work?

Why the tutorial say add domain.com in host and dont work but with @ is work?



This is perfect! I was having the same issue and your response was the fix I needed. Thanks