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Newbie: Trouble accessing SMTP on mailbox.org

8612006 shared this question 3 months ago
Need Answer

I am not too versed in email matters.

After installing Postfix on my Linux server at home, I try to send an email to my mailbox.org address. This fails with the following message in /var/log/mail.log:

Feb 14 11:52:21 odroid postfix/smtp[13816]: connect to mx2.mailbox.org[]:25: Connection timed out

Same for mx1.

Indeed, when I try to reach the mail server manually, I don't get connected:

nc mx2.mailbox.org 25
I see two reasons. Either I can't connect to mailbox.org this way, or something between my server and mailbox.org blocks the traffic (my ISP, perhaps?).

Is this the right way to connect to mailbox.org?

Thanks in advance for clarifying this to an email newbie.