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No contacts groups management?

2151849 shared this problem 2 years ago

Hello, currently switching from Gmail to mailbox.org, I'm annoyed by the groups management. Using a Carddav sync with my Android device (with Davdroid but I don't think it really matters), I noted that I'm unable to attach any contact to a group. After some research, it looks that mailbox.org simply doesn't support it (https://davdroid.bitfire.at/configuration/mailboxorg/). Is it correct? Really?

I know I could use several address book. It works as expected from a Web browser on mailbox.org, but it doesn't seems really clean. And on Android, it means to be unable to correctly filter or move any contact from a group point of view (not managed as reals "groups" or "categories", but mostly as different sources of sync).

Contacts groups are a really important feature. Especially on a mobile device. Could I expect a mailbox.org evolution to improve this situation?