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Not able to receive mails with my custom domain

8912037 shared this problem 2 years ago

This was working fine until I've decided to migrate my records to different name servers.

Now, despite the fact that I kept all my DNS records as before in the new Name Servers (including the TXT record with the key and value, necessary to validate the ownership of the DNS) I'm not able to receive emails using my custom domain.

I've tried to delete and reset again my email alias for my custom domain and I get a messaging from mailbox.org stating that my email alias were created successfully, however I'm still not receiving emails when using my custom domain.

This is quite import and I cannot afford to lose any emails.

Is there a way to have this working again?

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There's now dependency between our mailsystems and where you run your DNS systems. I expect that the new DNS setup isn't done right OR that you weren't aware of the general DNS caching system (TTL!) so that you our your DNS company broke your DNS setup.

IF we receive mails for your domain we WILL put it in your inbox. There's no DNS check on our side.

But IF the DNS is broken then nobody will send e-mails to us.