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Not enough storage even though no files stored in Drive

4419489 shared this problem 16 months ago

My file quota is 100 MB and I have just 1 file of less than 1 MB stored in the Mailbox.org Drive. OX Drive app says "Not enough storage" and web portal says I'm on 99.71 MB of 100 MB. How is it possible? Checking all the folders in the Drive (over web) shows no files except that small one. So where's all my storage? I actually noticed my 3rd party app have been failing to save the file via WebDAV and now I think I know the real reason -- my quota is full -- but I've no idea why and how to fix it. :-(

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OK, I figured it out, accidentally -- it turns out that the file mentioned had way too many (nearly 200) versions stored. Uff! ... So now the question is why and how can I control it ?? ... Ideally I'd be able to set number of versions to keep or how long time they are kept or, if nothing else, to disable file versioning altogether.

Another issue is how to make it obvious where all the storage has gone. Because folders show no size information and even when you look at culprit file you won't see how much storage it actually consumes. And mind you I did not know about existence of versions at all. So this really is not a good user experience and something that many users would likely never figured out.


I had the same issue. I discovered that if you go to your account settings and choose "Drive", you can set a limit for the number of versions to be stored. That solves one problem. If you go to your Drive and highlight the document in question, you can expand the versions and it will show all of them. If you click on the down arrow by any of the versions you will see many options including deleting that version or deleting all previous versions. I hope this helps. I just doubled my storage by removing old versions.