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Not recieving email from halifax.co.uk

1340086 shared this problem 2 months ago

One of my banks in the UK, Halifax has sent me a letter saying their email is not getting through. Sure enough, I have never had an email from them since a switched to Mailbox.org a few months ago.

They have the correct alias which is set up correctly in Mailbox and I receive email from Amazon to the same alias. I've checked Halifax.co.uk on MXTools and cannot see anything obviously wrong there but I'm no expert.

Spam settings are default, except the last setting is set to flag and send to inbox.

Anyway, any pointers would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

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I had a similar problem where I was not receiving mails from a different company. I went to the spam settings and changed the "SMTP plausibility check" setting to "No" which fixed the problem. I don't know about Halifax, but it's worth a try.


Many thanks. I have actioned this change. I will see if I can get Halifax to send me an email to confirm if this makes the difference. If it does, I may just switch it back on for better security. I don't really care about emails from Halifax. I just don't like not knowing why its broken. Many thanks.


I did a quick search in our logfiles and I *do* see e-mails from halifax. They're received without any problems. Maybe they're using different outbound systems for their services, but in general, they know how to send e-mail.

I you do have proper informations:

  • sender
  • recipient
  • date

then our helpdesk at https://help.mailbox.org is able to have a look into the logs for you.