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"Number of items" in Calendar properties non-zero even after deleting all items

9948983 shared this problem 8 months ago

Steps to reproduce:

1. Sync a large number of Google calendar items to the default calendar using vdirsync until it starts failing due to rate limitations.

2. Remove all items using cadaver: rm *

3. Check "Number of items" in the Calendar web UI

Expected result:

It shows 0.

Actual result:

It shows a positive integer. About 10x the number of items that were matched during `rm *`.

Comments (1)


If I browse the online web calendar at mailbox.org and go back to 2016, then valid—although duplicated (probably from multiple attempts at syncing with vdirsyncer)—events show up there as well as older events. However, I can't find any WebDAV resources that would correspond to those events, plus they do not show up in the "List view" in the web calendar.

What's going on here?