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office.mailbox.org suddenly asking strange new persmissions

8003338 shared this idea 2 years ago

So I set up Mailbox.org on my android device by adding an exchange account. Then yesterday I get a message in my standard mail app saying that a security update is required for my mailbox.org address.

I push the message and it says 'The server office.mailbox.org requires you to grant the server permission to control certain security features of your Android device remotely' (roughly translated since the message is in Dutch).

Permissions needed are:

- Being able to delete all data without warning by doing a factory reset.

- Manage lenght of password phrases (?)

- Monitor attemts to unlock the phone.

- Lock the screen.

- Set the frequency a new password has to be set.

- Set storage encryption.

- Turn of the camera.

I can't refuse, it will just keep repeating this request. I can't get to my mail on my phone. Also I can't even delete the exchange account, it just keeps coming back with this request for permissions. I even decided to flash a new ROM to my phone, but the problem persists (I knew this would most likely not solve it, but wanted to flash to a new ROM anyway).

I'm really curious why this app or Mailbox.org would need these permissions. Very very strange. Any other people experiencing this? Any solutions?