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Office365 and subscribe via ics

8218967 shared this problem 4 months ago

I've subscribed to a publicly shared Office365 calendar (*ics), but the Mailbox calendar never imports the calendar items; additionally, when I refresh the calendar from Mailbox' Calendar app, it throws the following error:

ErrorThe supplied recurrence rule is invalid. Please correct the rule and try again.

So, is it something about Mailbox ... or Office365 ... that prevents the calendar from being refreshed?

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The error makes it sounds like the iCalendar file is malformed or has a malformed or unsupported reoccurrence rule. You can try checking your iCalendar file in an online validator and see if that gives you more detailed information about the problem.


I am having the same issue. The validator flags 16 instances of the following error:

"UID value is not unique, duplicate found near line # 214Reference: RFC 5545 Unique Identifier"

It seems as though this error breaks mailbox.org calendar subscription logic. However, I am able to successfully subscribe to this ics link using native macOS Calendar and iOS Calendar.