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.org domain

drdarkmode shared this question 2 years ago
Need Answer

Hey, i posted this question before but accidentally i categorized it as an idea instead of a question! Since it got no attention i figured i just make another topic with the correct category.

My thoughts are this: Someone on reddit said he wouldnt want to use your service since your domain (.org) is with the American jurisdiction so they could potentially shut down your domain if they wanted to easier than for example with an .de domain.

But if i host my own email address with you with my own domain, would that protect me against a potention mailbox.org confiscation - or if your domain potentially get shut down, would i still be able to operate with my custom domain? its really a security issue for me so id just like to know more about it!

Im really interested in this and hope you could clarify this a bit more for me!

looking forward to your replies!

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still waiting for a reply here :(


Yes, it's christmas time, many people are ill (so was I) and everybody is in a hurry to finish all open projects before christmas holidays. Sorry, I'll come back to this thread in some days, as soon as possible.

But this is just "general interest" and is not Prio-1 and has not fixed deadlines somewhere.


If you have your own domain name then you need not worry about this issue. If something where to happen with mailbox.org, they would setup another domain — or you you just switch to another email provider. The benefit of typing everything to your own domain is that you’re just an MX record update in your DNS away from routing around issues like the one you describe.

PS: Arbitrarily blocking domain names without reason is an unlikely scenario. It’s bad for business for everyone involved.

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