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Own domain needs subdomain?

8269273 shared this question 16 months ago
Need Answer

Do I need to create a subdomain in order to use my own domain?

I only have a DNS service (not at webhotel) and subdomains can't be made in my DNS service, it needs a hotel do do it (which costs additional money...)

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It would be very nice to get an answer before your trial period expires!


You need to be able to add a TXT field to your DNS entries to prove that you have control over the domain. In addition to that you need to edit the MX entries. If your provider doesn't allow that I'd suggest transfering the domain to a different registrar.


I think the instructions from their KB are a bit confusing:

  1. First you have to create the sub-domain “fa938c...XXXXX...f2c554.example.net”.
  2. Than [sic] set the TXT record “c9652...xxxx....115a7” for this sub-domain.

If I'm not mistaken, what they really try to say is:

Add a TXT record to your domain, with the following settings:

Host: fa938c...XXXXX...f2c554.example.net.

Value: c9652...xxxx....115a7

But then, I added such TXT record (with my own security code) a couple of hours ago, but it still doesn't validate. I'll provide an update here once I managed to configure it properly.


Update: I just figured it out. Maybe the correct settings depend on the domain registrar (I use Namecheap).

So I just added a TXT record with the following settings (from the KB example):

Host: fa938c...XXXXX...f2c554 (NOT fa938c...XXXXX...f2c554.example.net.)Value: c9652...xxxx....115a7

With these settings, validation succeeded instantly.