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Own domain setup at GoDaddy with your email system

4940736 shared this question 17 months ago


I own my own domain (on GoDaddy). I want to use it with your email system I have read your guidelines on how to setup the mailbox.org security key. I have some questions:

1. You mention that we have to create a subdomain. Why? And what domain could that be?

2. I am trying to setup the Host name and TXT record (on GoDaddy) but for the Host Name it requires an IP address and for the TXT record it requires a Host.

Would it be possible to provide me with this information?

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Can someone please answer this question?


Subdomain and Hostname is the same. Technically there's no difference for that. But some domainsellers call it "subdomain" and some seller systems force the user to create a subdomain (=hostname) before their system allows to define a TXT record.

Same here at (2). It is ** STUPID ** to enforce the setting of an IP address. Technically there's no reason for it. Just set any kind of IP address.