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Password reset

9124132 shared this question 18 days ago
Need Answer

When creating an account there is the option to enter an alternative mail address, a phone number or a telefon password. Also the following text is shown

Attention: Only with a mobile phone number or an alternative e-mail address you can later reset a forgotten password by SMS or e-mail.

Does this mean that I need an alternative mail address or phone number in combination with the reset password or can I still reset my password by calling mailbox.org (using any phonenumber) and providing the reset password without having entered any alternative mail address of phone number?

Maybe its me but I find this confusing

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The telephone password is also a valid option. Plus you can also have your password sent to your real address if entered. This is a service you have to pay for.

The methods mentioned by you are the most common and are the easiest to handle, both for you and the mailbox.org team.