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Please encrypt subject line for encrypted inbox (true encrypted inbox :))

SuperUser shared this question 18 months ago
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In the purpose of a true encrypted inbox can you please add a feature to encrypt the subject line as well.

For legal issues accessing the headers/sender/receiver should be enough...

This would be really great if implemented most of the data would be stored encrypted and that would be cool :)

(right now encrypted inbox only encrypt core message no header no subject line)

Otherwise is it possible to do that with a custom filter ?


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This can be done by following the OpenPGP protocol used to encrypt subject line like Engimail for thunderbird does


By the way, I am now relying on the subject line and the sender address to search e-mails. If the subjects would be encrypted, is there a solution for the searching?


If you use thunderbird + Engimail that won't be a problem... once the encryption key is unlocked (if protected by a password) subject lines become unlocked and you can search email by subject line...

I guess that this would be an other story for the webmail, either this would be impossible or development work need to be done on the interface to permit that... but any way with Engimail this is possible i just tested.

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