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Problems with calendar events sync (wrong time shows up)

9064594 shared this problem 20 months ago

Since re-design when I add an event from phone it's time shifts for 3 hours later. And the event time is different on my phone and online or on my PC.

Fix up your problems with DAVdroid already, please.

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In my case Event X shows at the correct time where I created it (my phone using CalDav+Simple Calendar) and online on the mailbox server accessed via a web browser. However the person with whom I have a shared calendar on her phone sees the same event shifted to 2 hours later.

Can you please help me? I don't see any relevant setting to change in Simple Calendar, CalDav, mailbox.org interface or the phones' date and time settings (which re simply set to take the date and time from the network, and we use the same network).