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Receiving emails from own domain

3061205 shared this question 3 years ago
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I have setup the trial account on mailbox.org to consider using this service for handling email for my own domains. I have followed the instructions for the own domain setup as per the help pages. I have created the mailbox security key and have entered the domain email address (ie info@example.net) in the email aliases section of the mailbox.org settings window.

I have also added the mxext1.mailbox.org (1-3) as MX records on my example.net dns providers site.

I am unable to receive emails from my domain to my mailbox.org account. How much time should I leave between setting up the MX records on my dns provider and them arriving in my mailbox.org account?

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I have managed to sort out what the problem was above. It was to do with using CNAME to point to my servers. Due to an RFC number I cant remember, you cannot use CNAME in conjunction with MX records where the CNAME record is pointing to the domain.

See this article


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