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2350803 shared this question 14 months ago
Need Answer


I'd like to permanently delete my account.

I still have Eur. 11,00 on my balance.

I want to receive a refund because I don't feel like I want to donate the money at this time.

I tried to get in touch with the support team through the dedicated help desk, though my username and password won't be accepted no matter what I do and I'm sure (tried 23 times 'til now) that they are correct.

How can I receive a refund?

How can I get in touch with the support team?

Tried also to send a mail to support@mailbox.org but received a negative response, as following:

" Dear Customer,

We have introduced a new helpdesk system to improve our customer support. We can no longer reply to e-mails send to this old address.Please use https://help.mailbox.org instead.There you'll be able to open ticket requests to our team, it will also automatically look for possible solutions from our knowledge base. Maybe you request is answered there, so you'll get help as fast as possible. If not, our team will take care about your request.Please take a look at our blog article to learn about the new ways to receive support:https://mailbox.org/en/new-helpdesk-system-to-improve-support/Best regards,Your mailbox.org Team " .

But I repeat: it seems like helpdesk login is disabled.

Can't figure any other possible way to get a refund.

Thank you so much in advance for your support.

Waiting for a response.

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Hello, we will take a look why you are not able to log into our support portal. This forum is a userforum so we do not monitor it permanently. We will contact you via e-mail.


Ok. Waiting for an email message of yours.


We already send you an e-mail yesterday. Please check your inbox. There is no need to open multiple forum threads regarding the same issue.