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Reply-Button in Web-GUI doesn't work

1043757 shared this problem 19 months ago

Since the new web interface was introduced in late 2018, I can no longer click on "reply" to answer to mails. When I do, the destination address (i.e. my own mailbox.org address) will be inserted into the "To" field and the answer will be sent to my own account. So each time I want to reply to a mail, I need to copy the sender's address from the mail body and paste it into the "To"-field. This is really cumbersome, and besides: Mails sent in such a way will be placed in my inbox instead of "sent objects" or similar. (The last point also pertains to desktop clients like Thunderbird.)

Has anyone else experienced this problem or knows a way out? I have written to the mailbox.org support team several times but only got the answer that there must be some issue with my browser. However, the problem shows up on any browser on any machine I've used, so I reckon it must have something to do with my account. (Otherwise many more people should have complained about this.)

I would much appreciate any ideas on how to solve this. I am quite satisfied with mailbox.org but this problem is a real show stopper.