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Short address/domain to get to my inbox?

DA shared this question 8 months ago
Need Answer

Google Mail customers can type gmail.com or mail.google.com and go right to their inbox. Yahoo! Mail has ymail.com and mail.yahoo.com. Microsoft’s myriad of email services all work from outlook.com. Other email providers redirect their front page directly to the inbox.

Is there anything shorter than typing out office.mailbox.org/appsuite/#!!&app=io.ox/mail for Mailbox? That is 46 characters minimum compared to 9 for the leading services.

Why doesn’t any of mail.mailbox.org, webmail.mailbox.org, mailbox.mailbox.org, mailbox.org/mail, and mailbox.org/inbox all redirect to the webmail interface? Is there some other address that I just haven’t guessed yet?

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You can configure, which app you want to see after logging in, but there seems to be a bug. Go to Settings > Basic Settings and change "Default app after sign in" to Mail.

Here comes the bug report: For me it was already set to Mail, but I always saw the Portal after logging in. Changing it to something else and then back to Mail helped.