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Signing up with mailbox.org dodging google's reCaptacha

6419803 shared this idea 10 months ago

Many free e-mail services track you and the content of your e-mails.

Known providers that do this include: Google Microsoft and Yahoo

That could have been a reason for you to go to a secure e-mail provider like mailbox.org.

But to your surprise you need to solve a google reCaptcha during the sign in process. That sucks!

Peer Heinlein, CEO of mailbox.org has explained this situation frequently and they also have a KB for this:


For me it's all reasonable and maybe on the long run we're going to see a solution there from mailbox.org. However, there is already a solution now if want to give google as little information as possible.

Follow this guide:

1. (optional) Use a PC that you typically do not use. For example at a friends place or a freshly re-imaged one in an internet café. By doing so the used IP address and other unique identifiers cannot be linked to you.

2. During the sign up use a made up a name which you are not going to use for real. E.g. Marcus Blacksmith

3. Enter an e-mail address that you don't want to use later on as well. This should be a random address like weddiieorrp4433@mailbox.org

4. After the account creation process is finished, add the desired alias (screenshot 1. + 2.)

5. Convert the newly added alias as main address with which you are going to log in in the future. (3.+4.)


6. Log off from your temp PC. Avoid logging in with your new main address.

7. Log on from your normal workstation with your main address. --> Google does not have any connection to your main device.

8. Now proceed to change your name (this is the clear name shown beside your e-mail address to recipients of your e-mails)


9. Delete the alias that was created under 3. and don't use it anymore.