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SMTP Banner Support or Outbound Messages blocked as spam

8744854 shared this question 2 months ago
Need Answer


I've just setup an account using my own domain. I followed all recommended instructions, added the security code, modified existing MX records (adding 3 records per instruction, and changed the old server to MX 50 [last] in case of a failover issue). We also added the SPF record.

Email is working, but my test messages to Gmail often end up in Spam. That never happened previously. And this means it's probably also happening for other recipients.

In checking mxtoolbox.com it identifies that there is an issue with the SMTP Banner Check, but my host dismisses this as a non issue. If I query my domain using dnsqueries.com it shows that port 25 on my domain e.g. example.com gets a response from my web hosts server.

Please advise is it ok for SMTP Banner Check to have issue (I suspect my host is telling me the wrong thing), and if I query port 25 on my domain, should that immediately get a response from mailbox.org??

Thank you