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Spam mails are flagged but not moved to junk folder

7435419 shared this problem 22 months ago

I switched from rejecting spam mails to mark/move spam mails and selected the junk folder as move destination (which btw. might be a little bit confusing, because the folder is named 'junk' in the setup menu, but 'spam' in the mailbox view in the german version). Nevertheless, the spam mail is delivered into my inbox - although it is tagged correctly as spam.

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I’m having the same problem. I’m a new customer and this is issue isn’t filling me with confidence in the Mailbox.org service, to say the least.

I’m curious: Have you setup any filter rules in Settings: Mail: Filter rules? I had some filters, but turning them off doesn’t resolve the issue for me.

I added a new filter rule to move messages identified to spam to the right folder, and this works around the issue. This should be absolutely unnecessary. However, seeing how you haven’t received a reply in three weeks it seems to be a necessary to work around these types of issues.ea807ea3037204e960ef355f57890f67


This issue got its own section in my 2700-word review of Mailbox.org as it completely ruined my first impression of the service. The issue have been on the user forums for three weeks without a reply from the company either. I contacted support about this issue but didn’t receive a useful reply.

Its not good enough that its possible to work around this issue through careful configuration. This is i pretty fundamental functionality that customers should be able to expect that it should just have worked.


No, I did not have any filter rules at all. To be honest, I hadn't found the filter rules up to now, I thought they might be missing temporarily because of the upgrade. Having two different places for settings is imho a bad idea from an UX point of view. I had a local imapfilter doing the filtering for me, but that was an even bigger band-aid. So thanks for giving me another reason to search - and finally find - the filter rule settings.

I totally agree to you review. A bug in such a basic function does not really improve the trust in the provider at all. So I guess I'm continuing with my testing for a bit longer, before finally deciding whether to completely move to mailbox.org..

Maybe someone from mailbox.org should look into this? Shouldn't be such a big issue if a custom filter rule can solve it?


This issue only affect non-Mailbox.org addresses. Spam sent to my @mailbox.org address is rewritten to include a +Junk plus-addressing suffix (e.g. example+Junk@mailbox.org). I’m assuming the internal filters use the plus address to decide on whether to deliver the email to the Junk folder instead of using the existing email headers (as in my example filter above).

This issue should be easy for you guys fix. Stop rewriting the delivery address for @mailbox.org domains; this is a silly way to handle this. Then, setup proper filters based on the existing Spam headers in the incoming messages (as above).