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SPF and DKIM support

1047685 shared this problem 13 months ago

Please add the link to setup SPF and MX record and DKIM. I have not found any option to add DKIM.

We can add SPF but it is not mentioned anywhere.

which is TXT @ v=spf1 include:mailbox.org

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Also please mention about DMARC.


DMARC is just a TXT record to inform receiving server what to do in case they received a spoofed email under your domain name. There's nothing Mailbox.org can do with DMARC.


I'm happy to say that the mailbox.org team added DKIM and DMARC support.

In the knowledge base there are all the info. You can check it here https://kb.mailbox.org/display/MBOKBEN/Using+e-mail+addresses+of+your+domain

There's a detailed explanation of how to add DKIM with your domain.

Hope that is helpful.