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stay logged in

4837516 shared this question 7 months ago
Need Answer

I would like to enable Stay signed in.

Can someone please provide me with the necessary steps in detail to do this?

I have found this info on the topic: https://office.mailbox.org/appsuite/help/l10n/en_US/ox.appsuite.user.sect.intro.login.html

That states the following:

2.3. Signing in, Signing outIn order to sign in you need to know the server address, your username and your password. This information is provided by your administrator or host.

How to sign in to the server:

  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Enter the server address in the address bar. The login window will be displayed.
  3. Enter your username and your password. Note that they are case-sensitive.
  4. To save your credentials locally, enable Stay signed in.
    Warning: Only use this option if this machine is used solely by you. When signing in to a public machine do not use this option.
  5. Click on Sign in.

I do not know how to do this (i.e. "Server Address").

I am able to login on the web of course -- but this does not appear to provide a way to stay logged-in.


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The above instructions not withstanding (can't figure out) -- I've found that as long as I do not log out I remain logged-in.

So if this is correct -- that as long as the user does not log out the user will remain logged-in indefinitely -- then this answers my question.

So based on this I am happy to know I can remain logged-in at all times and this topic can be closed for that reason.


I have found that I do not stay logged in.

I was assuming that if I do not log-out then I would remain logged into my account on the web and so would not need to have to login when I clicked on the Mailbox.org email link.

Can someone please help explain who I can stay logged in.

For example -- for my FastMail account as long as I do not log out of my account I will always go directly to my inbox when I click on link (URL) to FastMail which is a great help to FastMail account users.

I would like to be able to do this same thing with Mailbox.org.

For some reason I stay logged into my account for apparently a limited amount of time and at some point need to have to log-in again. This is very inconvenient and I hope I can accomplish the same convenience I have with my FastMail account.

Thank you.



There's an option, under Settings ---> Security, that you can set to stay logged in.

Here you can see the screenshot I made.

When you are logged in, on the right, click on your "username circle" (the one with your initials or your image, if you have one). In the dropdown menu click Settings. Then on the left click on security and you should see the same as these screenshot.


I have 10 minutes auto log out.

If you want to stay logged in just open the dropdown menu and select "Never".


Thank you for your reply.

This setting was already set to "Never" (apparently as default because I've never changed it). Please see attachment -- I have the "Automatic sign out" option set the way you show it in your example. Is there anything else I need to do?

I've got Mailbox white-listed in my cookies monitor so cookies all remain.

Should I set it to some other setting and then set it back to "Never" -- since this option has never been changed by me?

Thanks again -- hopefully this can be solved because it's a real bother to find Mailbox logged out when I visit the on-line interface (which was the case today when checking the setting).


Do you receive an error after the auto log-out?

Because I have 2FA enabled and sometimes I got an error like this:

There was an issue while authenticating. This may be due to a recent password change. To continue please log out and log back in with your most current password.


i had same problem using OTP time based, now i'm trying OTP event based and i'm currently logged for two days without errors.


Many thanks for the feedback :)

"Security" sure complicates life!!.... (I just spend ½ hour trying to get an access code to simply transfer bank funds)

All I'm doing in the case of Mailbox.org (because I want a simple life) is to click on the link to the mailbox.org website interface page and expecting to remain logged into my account by setting "Automatic sign out" to "Never".

I'm simply logged into mailbox.org via the email login page using the standard password and that's it (enough inconvenience for me already ;)).... If the "Never" setting fails to work for me under these fundamentally basic conditions then I'm not surprised if issues might arise using a more complicated method of accessing email. :)

One would think the "Never" setting would at least minimally work for just a "basic" password access to mailbox.org and keep me logged in..... :( (which is all I'm asking for.... I really do like this optional setting! -- especially if it worked ;))


Nope no errors on my end -- after a few days (not sure how long -- maybe about a week) I find myself logged out of mailbox.org.

Do you get that error in your inbox?


Hmm, just curious -- have you ever tried the "Never" setting?

I'm wondering if this "Never" setting actually works. I ask because I found out the "dark" theme setting never did work and I ended up needing to use CSS code that someone provided to us in the forum topic to get a really great "dark" theme for Mailbox.org. Because the theme setting never worked -- this makes me wonder if the "Never" setting for the "Automatic sign out" option does not work either.....


Okay -- it's been 15 days and I STILL cannot get Mailbox.org to remain logged in.

I have the "Security Setting" setting for "Automatic sign out" set to "Never" as suggested (see attached screen-shot).

Can someone please help with this?

If a question remains unanswered after all of this time (15 DAYS) -- WHY ISN'T SUPPORT PROVIDING FEEDBACK?


If there is no way to do this then simply say so.... and if not can this please be provided to users?

Or should I be asking this question in the "Support" window? (I'll wait for a while to see if I get any feedback)


i don't know, i still have this problem and i don't understande what cause the disconnection.

as i wrote some days ago i have better experience using otp time-based instead of event-based (yes it's not your case). i can stay logged for 2/3 days without disconnection but also have to log in three times in one day.

it seems completely random.

anyway i don't think this forum is a platform for official support, i'll open a ticket for this problem.