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Suggestion: make mail filters exportable

3496589 shared this idea 2 years ago

Over time, quite a lot of work can go into setting up the mail filter rules that one uses to sort email. If one wants to make security backups or move the filtering away from the mail server (e.g. to the mail client), it would be beneficial to be able to export one's sieve scripts in the form a text file/multiple text files. It would also align with the open source principle that the user owns their own data and should be able to move it, not having it locked into one service.

I suggest such an option which allows the user export their sieve filters, either in bulk as one file, or as individual files for every rule.

Thank you for your consideration!

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This is a standad Sieve mailfilter. You can edit (and also download/copy) it with every managesieve-client -- like it is available as a Thunderbird Plugin or Standalone Managesieve-Software.

Our Managesieve-Server is working on both standard ports 2000 and 4190, so there's nothing special.

Please be carefull when editing the sieve rules -- Webmailsystems like OX, Roundcube or Horde expect their way of formatting the sieve rules, so rules can go lost if formatted elsewhere.