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Support for flags like Gmail, Apple Mail and Outlook

9415029 shared this idea 2 years ago

I am currently using the free trial and I really like Mailbox.org. There is however one thing that stops me from switching from Gmail to a paid Mailbox account. If I flag an email in the webclient of Mailbox, this flag is not shown in OSX or iOS mail clients. And if I flag an email within my Mailbox account in my iPhone Mail app, that flag is not showing up in the webclient of Mailbox - but worse, also not in my iPad Mail app. In other words, the flagging system used by Mailbox is incompetible with the most used mail clients, which makes it very difficult to keep a central list of mails to follow-up across my mailaccounts and across devices. Would it perhaps be possible to change this?

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Do I see correctly, that standard IMAP flags (including colors) are still not working? This should now be possible with OX App Suite, as far as I can see: