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Support ticket simply removed and not answered anymore.

2417135 shared this question 17 months ago

I initially asked support a few questions via a ticket but they only responded with "ask the community we are too busy to go into any detail"

So i asked here and got most of my questions answered but 1 thing the community could not give an answer to so i contacted them again and asked if they could answer that question in short.

The reply by first level was " i don't know try it in the free version". I replied to them with that it could not be tried in the free version and asked if he could send it to a dev or second level if he did not know.

Then my ticket simply got deleted without any more reply.

Great way of showing they care for customers. I hope you all think again of supporting this junk and look for different mail services. Be warned and be smart! DO NOT choose for mailbox.

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We are currently updating our support portal and informed our customers about that via a banner on our website. Your ticket is being migrated and will be available again as soon as the update is complete.

We did not delete your support requests and will answer your questions as soon as possible.