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Synchonization problem OX drive

2170211 shared this problem 3 years ago


I have sometimes, but not always, synchronization problems with OX drive. I synchronize my laptop and my android phone

In that case OX drive creates one extra version of the file, but sometimes more than 200 extra versions. The files get an suffix with sometimes the name of the phone or the name of the laptop, e.g. something like "original file name LAPTOP 1". I am not sure what causes this behaviour, but it might be cause by quickly updating a file, possibly multiple times.

I hope this can be fixed, because I was hoping to use OX drive as an replacement for Dropbox.


I just recall that I had a similar issue a few years ago with Dropbox, when I was making back-ups of my files. The backup program than locked all the files, which caused Dropbox to make multiple versions. Could it be this???

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Update, it is not caused by the making of back-ups! So the problem does seem to be related with OX Drive!