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Tehnical Support page not working; I'm not sure if the mailbox.org team is familiar with my problems

7500698 shared this problem 2 months ago

Since the Tehnical Support page is not working I've reported a bug on the user forum under the Problems topic (https://userforum-en.mailbox.org/topic/the-message-pane-in-the-mailbox-web-client-does-not-display-all-of-the-messages-in-a-conversation). I'm not sure if the mailbox.org team checks these forums frequently and if they are aware of my problem and are trying to resolve it.

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I have asked a question 3 days ago (since I've paid for service) and still not feedback on the forum involving a rather simple question.

I get a 404 error attempting to use Technical Support.

How are paid users able to get help with a relatively easy question? (when the forum is no help and technical support fails to work).

My simple question is: What is the problem with the "Dark" theme -- setting the interface to "Dark" theme does not do anything?

The answer to this problem should be simple answer -- either the setting works or it doesn't (I can't believe no one has ever used the "Dark" theme setting).

Thanks for any help -- Please!