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I wanted to be anonymous and private and with mailbox.org I've found what I was looking for.

What I like best:

* Clear, comprehensive, honest/no-BS Data Privacy Statement.

* I can generate a key pair offline for encryption on the server side and the private key never needs to be exposed to the internet.

* What? They even offer a Tor exit node? It gets better and better.

* Easy bitcoin payment. Why protonmail nor tutanota STILL don't offer this is incomprehensible to me. To pay protonmail I had to transfer BTC to their donate address, then inform their support that I've "donated", then they've credited my email account. Anybody could monitor their donate address and then go and claim they made that payment. Anyway, tutanota doesn't offer BTC payments at all, just donations.

* secure imap and pop3

* As many as 25 aliases (€2.5 + €0 = €2.50 pm compared to protonmail's $5 + $4 =$9 pm)

I now have an account that makes use of all the things I mentioned above and it works wonderfully.

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thanks for your statement here - we're happy if you're happy. :-)

Best Regards from our team,