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Thanks for stopping spam, fishing and hacking

5336492 shared this thanks 7 months ago

Dear Mailbox.org team,

Being in the smartcard industry, I have been targetted by spam and fishing and my dedicated mail server and laptop were hacked several times, last time in June 2018. It took me some time to realize that hackers were trying to hack me using advanced emails. My previous provider did not offer SPF and DNSBLs, so I was an easy target.

Now that I migrated my domains, it seems it stopped 99,9% of email attacks and I want to thank you for that.

What should be on your radar list :

* Sign outgoing messages with stict DKIM on custom domains.

* Apply MARC rules on incoming emails. Allow strict mappings with SPF and DKIM.

* I don't know precisely how to do, but there should be a way to quickly ban a spammer and report to a central DNSBL. Maybe you should look at spamcop which offers responders to paid customers. or you could start your own DNSBL. There is also a collaborative DNSBL in Germany, but I was not able to find it again and I lost the URL.

Kind regards,