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The Data Privacy Statement says emails and content of those emails are stored for 2 years

9411444 shared this question 18 months ago

From this page: https://mailbox.org/en/data-protection/

There's the following text (emphasis added and removed by me)

Type: Customer support

Relates to: all brands

  • Stored data: emails including content and, if applicable, attachment in ticket system
  • Optional data: if specified by you, including street/building number, postal code/city or town, country, optional callback phone number, alternative email address.
  • Purpose: provision of service in customer support, traceability, verifiability and documentation of contracts and agreements
  • 2 years after the end of the calendar year (statutory expiry claims)
  • Access by: system administration, support/help desk, programmer

Am I reading this correctly? Does this say that all email content is stored for 2 years and accessible by sys admins, support and the programmers?

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Ale e-mails send *to our helpdesk/customer support ticket system* are stored for two years inside the ticket system.


Just to confirm, then, if an email is not sent to the helpdesk/customer support ticket system and instead stays in the inbox or the calendar or address book or docs storage or anything that's normally user-accessible, who can access it? And, if an email is then deleted from the mailbox, how long until it's fully purged from the system?


As on every e-mail system it's accessible for system administrators with root access. But for sure it's forbidden to do that. Anyway: We strongly recommend the usage of encryption.

If it's deleted it's purged after 24h. But it's still in the backup for ~7 days.


Thank you very much. How do I mark this question as answered?