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The message pane in the mailbox web client does not display all of the messages in a conversation

7500698 shared this problem 15 months ago

I've noticed that sometimes the message pane doesn't display all of the messages in a conversation.

Today I sent a message and received an answer later. I clicked the answer and the message pane displayed my message but not the answer (meaning that it didn't display the message I actually clicked on). After marking the conversation as unread, the answer appeared in the message pane. I tried to reproduce the error by switching the active folder several times and even logged out and back in again. The web client's behavior was inconsistent: the message pane sometimes displayed the answer and sometimes not.

There are two other malfunctions that may be related to the issue: 1) Even though the person who sent the answer is in my contacts list, the sender's name is not displayed accordingly to the saved contact's information; and 2) the folder list sometimes displays incorrect number of unread mails.