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too many emails per day

5985429 shared this problem 3 years ago

I was trying to send an email and received the message:

"An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded:

5.7.1 <user@domain.com>: Recipient address rejected: Mehr Mails versandt als der Tarif erlaubt / Too many mails per day.

Please check the message recipient "user@domain.com" and try again."

I had only sent one other email to this user and only five total today.

(The email address was replaced for privacy.)

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how can I fix this problem 4.7.1 Rejected: The limits for your account are exceeded. Please try again later.


2 possibilities:

1. New accounts that are still in "test mode" can only send 10 mails a day and that limit was reached. The "test mode" ends once mailbox.org receives the first payment. More info here: https://mailbox.org/en/try-out-test-account-in-your-own-time/

2. It's an individual problem. In that case the best idea would be to write an email to support@mailbox.org.