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Treatment of a dot/period/full stop and a plus symbol + in paid accounts

8068314 shared this idea 11 months ago

I am planning to use the paid mailbox service, primarily for email for approx 10 users on a custom domain. I have two questions:

First, can anyone tell me how the mail servers treat a <+> sign in email addresses. For instant, will an email send to <1234+test@mailbox.org> automatically go to <1234@mailbox.org>?

Second, can anyone explain how the mail server treat a period/dot/full stop? For instance, is there a difference between firstnamelastname@mailbox.org and firstname.lastname@mailbox.org? Can they be used interchangeably by the same user?

Thank you for your help.

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1) when i create 1234+test@mydomain, email automatically go into my inbox folder (that isn't 1234). But with filters i can move that email in the right folder automatically ("Action - File into")

2) i don't know, i think they are two different alias