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Two Factor Authentication Does Not Stay

6925414 shared this question 22 months ago
Need Answer

Hi there:)

I tried turning on the two factor authentication with Google Authenticator, and set it up on the app and enabled it on the mailbox website. But I can still log in with a different browser without any two factor authentication. Moreover, when I checked the one-time password settings, the token has disappeared!

Please help. Thanks

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2FA works differently on mailbox.org than, say, Google mail.

When logging into a potentially unsecured device or location, you should login instead with your PIN + 2FA code (eg, if you set the PIN to 1234 and the OTP is 914343 then you login with the password '1234914343').

When logging into a secured, personal device, login with your normal password.

When you say the token has disappeared, it may be in another 'tab' within the 2FA settings. I know I thought it had been lost when I was setting it up, as well.

I'm not vouching for mailbox.org's 2fa system, and really I prefer Google's (and every other site I've seen) method, but this is just how it works here.

You can read more about the how and why of mailbox.org's system in this other post.