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Two-factor with calendar sync.

3793462 shared this question 4 years ago
Need Answer

I want to believe in Mailbox.org.

I would like to:

a) login to my email with 2FA (Yubikey)

b) have my calendar sync to my mobile.

But how does calendar sync work if I have 2FA (especially Yubikey) enabled?

Fastmail solves this by demanding Yubikey (or other 2FA) via browser login, but a separate password is generated and used for mobile access (including to the calendar).

How does Mailbox treat this?

If the choice is either 2FA or calendar sync, Mailbox.org is not for me.

Please enlighten this poor, security-conscious soul.

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Given that if you enable 2FA at mailbox.org you no longer use your password for log-ins but a PIN + OTP, the password is then used as the "separate password" with which the calendar can be used.


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