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Unable to close calendar reminders in Thunderbird Lightning since relaunch

8347804 shared this problem 20 months ago

Hello everyone,

first of all I want to thank you for the great work you did with the relaunch!

Sadly, in the past days since the relaunch my list of reminders in Thunderbird Lightning keeps getting longer and longer since I cannot dismiss them. The only way to get rid of those reminders is to close them in the web interface of mailbox.org.

When I click the dismiss-button repeatedly eventually a window opens, stating that:

"This item has recently been changed on the server. Submitting your changes will overwrite the changes made on the server"

Left button: "Discard my changes and reload"

Right button: "Submit my changes anyway"

The calendars in Lightning are not marked as "read only". The old option to turn of reminders for past events in the calendar preferences are not available anymore in the newer versions of Thunderbird and Lightning.

I use Debian 9 with gnome 3.22.2 and Thunderbird 60.3.0 with Lightning 6.2.3 and the calendars are integrated via CalDav.

On my Blackberry Z30 everything works fine, with the calender synchronized via ActiveSync.

I would be glad if anyone has experienced the same issues in the last days and knows any helpful tips.

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I had this issue, i've checked the CalDAV URL again and it was different from what i set up before.

https://dav.mailbox.org/caldav/<some_longer_alphanumerical_string>; instead of just the folder number.

That did the trick for me...