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Unable to export PGP private key from GuardSecurity

2035116 shared this problem 2 years ago
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I tried to export my master private key that is stored on your servers by accessing Settings -> Guard Security -> Advanced Settings and clicking Download icon next to the key. When a choice appeared, I tried to select both Download PGP Private Key and Download Public and Private Key. Both of these options behaves as follows:

A prompt for password appears and when the correct passphrase is entered, no action happens. There is no save file dialog or some options to actually download the key. When a bad password is entered, a notification appears that says 'Bad password'.

I tried this with the following configurations:

- Fedora 24 + Firefox

- Windows 10 + Firefox

- Windows 10 + Chrome

It does not work on any of the mentioned configurations and I was not able to download my private key, even though it is stored on your servers.

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Are there any updates on this issue?


Have you tried with a test account if it behaves similar?

With my account it works fine: After entering the password a download window opens and offers a file "private.asc" (with either only the private key or the private key and the public key).

So if nobody else answers maybe it's just a single problem and you should write an e-mail to the support.


Thanks for the advice. I wasn't able to reproduce the issue on a test account. This ticket can be closed, since it doesn't seem to affect anyone else.