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URGENT: How to sync with Android Calendar and Contacts??

1772181 shared this idea 19 months ago

I'm a new paying customer. I am trying to get my Contacts and Calendar on Android to sync with my mailbox.org account. I have set-up my own domain with my account, if that has any relevance. I have read all the relevant Help pages - including using a translate tool to convert German pages to English!

On my Android phone, I installed DavDroid (4.6* and 50k downloads on Play Store). I created a new account using my mailbox.org email and password. I selected all CardDAV options (Collected Addresses, Contacts, Global Address Book) and all CalDAV options (Calendar, Tasks). I then hit "sync" and nothing got uploaded to mailbox.org. I then tried setting-up an alternative account using URL (for Contacts), email and password. Again, nothing synced.

I then installed OX Sync App (only 2.5* and 5k downloads on Play Store). It tells me it is syncing Calendar, Contacts, Collected Addresses, Global Address Book and Tasks. When I add a Calendar event or new contact to my Mailbox.org account they do appear in my Android Calendar and Contacts. However, none of my Android Calendar events or Contacts are uploading to my Mailbox.org account.

Can someone please clearly explain what is the correct app for Android - DavDroid or Ox Sync? - and then the best settings to get them to sync between Android and my Mailbox.org account (own domain) both ways?

I need to get this working today (18 June 18).