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Using webmaster@ or postmaster@ fails

2621480 shared this problem 10 months ago

Recipient address rejected: undeliverable address:

mail for domain.co.uk loops back to myself (in reply to RCPT TO command)

In setup it suggest that these addresses can be used in addition to the primary address?

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Hi there,

two things:

1. Please check if your mx records have been set the right way. See step 2: https://kb.mailbox.org/display/MBOKBEN/Using+e-mail+addresses+of+your+domain

2. In order to get the additional addresses like webmaster or postmaster for external domains running, you still need to have free aliases. That is, if you've used all your aliases already, it's not possible to add free aliases.

So please first delete all additional aliases from the external domain, add the free aliases, delete the former aliases from the black list and then add again your former aliases.


In portal TopRHS > Mailbox.org > Email Aliases it states

Existing alias addresses (1 of a max. of 3)

Underneath that it show mydomain@mailbox.org as one of the used aliases

Instead of having chosenname@mailbox.org -> externaladdress

Can I have postmaster@mydomain -> primary@mydomain


OK so I added postmaster@mydomain in the 'external addresses' section - not immediately obvious - but it worked!