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WebCal subscriptions not synced over CalDAV

DA shared this problem 17 months ago

I have a few WebCal/iCalendar calendar subscriptions added to my account. These show up in the web interface alright.

However, these calendars don't show up over CalDAV. I only see my main calendar and not my WebCal calendars or even the auto-generated birthday calendar.

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I have the same problem when syncing via Exchange ActiveSync.

To be clear about the expected results: I expect to see my calendar subscriptions as read-only calendars over CalDAV and ActiveSync. FastMail, Google, Yahoo!, and Outlook.com does it this way.


I'm having the same difficulty here. Would love to be able to have a single server-side solution and have all my clients see my calendar subscriptions when I connect them to my mailbox.org account!