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What does "clean up" do?

8698054 shared this question 18 months ago
Need Answer

So, right next to every folder there's hamburger menu containing a "Clean up" option.

So, I thought to myself: what is this do? If it could result in data loss i should probably be warned.

I pressed and got a slightly cryptic "The folder has been cleaned up" message.

I have no idea what happened and I can't find any info on it either.


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I think this is related to imap "EXPUNGE". Mail clients like thunderbird can mark mails as deleted without actually deleting them (often this is indicated by the mail being crossed out in the client). This "mark as deleted" can be propagated to mailbox.org and other mail clients. The option to clean up then really deletes the mails that have previously been marked.

If there is no mail that is marked as to be deleted, the option wont do anything (which is probably what happend in your case)