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Where is the Archive?

5226776 shared this question 3 years ago

May sound like a silly question, but where is the email archive folder?

Do I have to create one myself?

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Just right-click on an e-mail and hit "archive". Then the archive folder will show up.


The above response does not work - when I right click a message and click "archive", the archive folder does not appear? Where is the archive folder? I archived a lot of messages older than 90 days, and the mail size quota did not go down. I need to access the archive to delete those messages instead. Help!


I was messing with my folders and mine went missing also. Here is what I did to fix it.

  1. I deleted my IMAP account in my application (Mac OS Mail)
  2. I moved all my mail to my inbox so nothing would get deleted. Since I have anew account that was easy.
  3. I deleted all the extra folders I added.
  4. I went to my mail on mailbox.org, clicked my name and selected "connectyour device"
  5. I let it automatically set up by selecting the options I needed for IMAP anddownloaded the file.
  6. I went to my mail account on the website and archived an email from my inboxand it fixed it.


I had the same problem and just changed the `INBOX` in the url to `Archive` and refreshed to get my archive folder showing


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