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Whonix configuration for mailbox.org tor exit node

5267807 shared this question 13 months ago
Need Answer

I am struggling to get mailbox.org's tor exit node working with Whonix.

Can someone describe the necessary steps to setup mailbox.org's tor exit node with Whonix?

With the help of the Help/FAQ section I tried to follow the setup for the 'classical' Tor browser:

The Tor exit node of mailbox.org

In the Whonix Workstation (WS) I found my torrc file in /etc/tor

But I am not sure how to properly configure this file and I am not sure if I have to do additional modifications in the Whonix Gateway (GW).

Any help is welcome!

Ultimately, it would be nice if mailbox.org could add the solution to the The Tor exit node of mailbox.org Help /FAQ page.