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Wrong date of reception of mails after IMAP migration

WHPN shared this question 3 years ago
Need Answer

After migrating emails from my old server to the mailbox.org server

using IMAP (via Gnome Evolution), wrong email dates show in the

mailbox.org webmail interface; instead of the date of reception of the

email, the date of transfer to the mailbox.org server is shown. In Gnome

Evolution, the correct date is shown.

As far as I have

understood, the correct date information is stored in the email header,

and it is a matter of server/web-interface configuration to display this

information rather than the (in my case useless) information of when

the transfer took place. How can I change this setting? I am looking to

transfer a few thousand emails received over several years, and it would

be highly undesirable not to have the correct date showing.

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With the aid of the support team, I found a decent workaround: if I add the other email account and transfer the emails using the webmail interface, the correct dates show.


What do mean? Ive added fetching POP3 account and date was

wrong again.